Hello I'm Randy, January 24, 2023

To run a GODLY company with GODLY values.
Spend MORE $ on OTHERS than on MYSELF!
Remember who HELPED ME!
Employees and Customers

In 2014 I started a company called
Blessed Outlet Inc. Blessed Printing.

I had a location at Pecan Park Market in Jacksonville, FL.

I hired Troubled young adults to take themin  and guide them. I have helped over 200 get thier GED.

I had military merchandise, flags, and I made custom T-shirts, Ball Caps, license plates, Mugs, Stickers, business cards. ON DEMAND!


On Monday, April 6, 2015 at 10:00 o'clock PM. The market went up in flames without my knowledge.
If you can find it in your heart to help me rebuild,


The next morning about 3:00 AM. I woke up getting ready for work. I had a company that I needed to do 50 shirts for And I had left the blank shirts at the shop, the night before.

I got a call about 4:00 AM, telling me how sorry they were for me. And that is when I learned that the flea market caught on fire. at the food court, right where my store was.


Insurance at a location like that was quite expensive, so I did not have it. So I lost everything over $50,000 worth of equipment and merchandise.

The flea market was very gracious and gave me a new location towards the front of the market. And I did the best I could restarting.

I did the 2016 election campaign and did very well. But pecan park market traffic never came back, because everyone in town thought the fire took it out, and they didn't do enough advertising.

I kept going as long as I could, until business didn't return. Then I closed it down in 2017 and went back to truck driving.

In 2019. I restarted This current business called Drive 2 Bless INC.

To my loyal followers, Thank you for keeping up with me. And thank you for finding me.

I am going to be starting my print shop and everything back up, So look out with God's help. I'll be able to get this like it used to be..

I call my company Drive  2 Bless because that's what my heart is. I have a drive to bless people.

I think of others before myself, and I continue to bring on troubled young adults to help them along and help them succeed.

The majority of profits goes towards troubled young adults, the homeless, and military veterans.

I will never forget those in need. And I always help them before myself. And I will keep that philosophy running this business.

I'm glad you found me, and I'm looking forward to big things.

If you can find it in your heart to help me rebuild,

Under Constuction
Hard Hat Required

Not Much Yet!
Working On It Now..

Thank you
Warmest Regards.